Jeremy (Jwrecks) Finney has been dancing since he could walk. Completely self-taught until the age of 21, he has developed a style of his own. As the lead choreographer for the professional performance group TigerStyle!, his choreography has been seen across the nation. He has choreographed for crews not only including TigerStyle!, but also LostBoyz and StyleJunkies.
Jeremy has choreographed for companies such as MTV, Radio Disney, Garmin, 95.7 The Vibe, Cumulous Broadcasting, The Dallas Cowboys, Brisk, and the Iowa State Lottery. Jeremy also performed on America’s Best Dance Crew - the Live Tour on MTV, as well as with many major recording artists such as Tech N9ne, Talib Kweli, Kris Love, Ace, Pomeroy, Rev Run and Spaceballers. He is an accomplished Bboy and Freestyle HipHop dancer, having won several competitions nationwide. He has been featured in articles in Urban Times Magazine, Dance Studio life Magazine, and along with his crew, TigerStyle!, was selected by The Ink Magazine as one of Kansas Cities’ Hottest People, Places or Things of 2010.
Jeremy is familiar with many forms of dance including Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Bboying, House, Jazz, Lyrical, and Modern and incorporates these styles into his choreography. He focuses on telling a story, moving inside the music, and presenting a character. His sense of musicality, creative movement, and technical attention to detail makes his choreography stand apart. His seamless transitions and smooth movements give his choreography a flow that is unlike any other. He believes that dance should come from the soul. It’s not always about how it looks, its about how it feels.